Ingham County gives students head start in college

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By Riley Thyfault
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

The Early College Student Services has been successfully preparing high school students for college.

This year’s graduating class will be the first to complete this 3-year program.

Ingham County Resident listening in the Ingham Intermediate School Board of Education Meeting.

Ingham County Resident listening in the Ingham County School Board Meeting.

Steve Rosales, Director of the Early College at Lansing Community College, spoke with the Ingham Intermediate School District’s Board of Education about the success of the program’s third year.

Students in this program are taught the ‘S.T.A.R.’ motto (Students Take All Responsibility) and are continuously evaluated, said Rosales.

High school students are able to be introduced to a college workload and begin creating better study habits. Twenty-three students are fully taking LCC courses, 13 students have blended schedules.

“Students in high school are already doing better than some of the college students,” said Rosales.

Communication skill including emails, phone conversations and interviews play a major role in this program.

“All slots are currently filled; the goal is to have a wait list. There is no expiration on it – if there was, someone would have pulled out,” said Stanley Kogut, Superintendent of the Ingham County School District.

The commencements will be held at the Breslin Center at Michigan State University.

“Our goal is to make these students feel special. They will be distinguished. We are giving them each a medallion, they will all sit together and they will be recognized together. Some of these students are the first in their family to go to college – this is important,” said Rosales.

Upcoming Events
May 14, 2014: Convocation for EC ‘11 at Lansing Community College
May 16, 2014: Commencement LCC at the Breslin Center
May 21, 2014: End of the Year Celebration (EC ’12 and ’13) at LCC’s campus

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