Haslett mother-son dance bonds families and community

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By Ryan Hodges
Meridian Times staff writer

Haslett resident Shasta McIntosh said she attends the mother-son dance every year for the precious bonding time that she and her son rarely get.

“He and I just get one-on-one time together,” McIntosh said. “There (are) five of them so this is kind of the one night we do something by ourselves.”

Haslett Middle School hosted the annual K-5 mother-son dance put on by Haslett Community Education, which coordinates Haslett School District’s after-school activities and special events.

Rescheduled after a snowstorm March 12, the evening included music, dancing, games and professional photography.
Angela Dove, director of enrichment and recreation for Haslett Community Education, decided after 13 years of the St. Patrick’s Day themed “Shamrock Rock,” she was going to change it up.

Dove said that the public seemed to like the new “Jersey Jam” theme, and it ensured that everyone dressed casually.

“Our enrollment is up (about) 80 people, or 40 couples, from what we typically had in the past,” Dove said. “So I think they like the concept, (but) there (are) a lot more lines than I would like to see.”

Brianna Gerard, a Haslett resident, said the new theme allowed for her and her kids to come comfortable and ready for a good time.

“I think it’s great,” Gerard said. “(It) makes your kids more comfortable, they get to wear whatever they want and it is not related to just a holiday.”

Lansing resident Kris Skorna said she is trying to get in as much bonding time as she can with her maturing fifth grade son.

“You know, he’s growing up fast,” Skorna said. “I don’t think he’s going to want mom around very long.”

Considering it to be a part of the idea of place making, Dove said events like the “Jersey Jam” bring the community and people within the school district together.

“People are drawn to the place they live not because it just is that their house is there and their school is there, (but) that they have events that bring their community together,” Dove said. “It tries to make it a place instead of a location.”

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