Family Dollar plans new location in Lansing this spring

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Family Dollar worker is putting away products during her shift.

Family Dollar announced plans to  open its 10th location in Lansing with a new story on the corner of Aurelius and Cavanaugh roads.

The addition of yet another dollar store was revealed at the most recent Lansing 3rd Ward meeting at Lansing Fire Station #46 a few weeks ago. The exact opening date has yet to be announced.

Other details, such as the store hours, are also still undetermined, according to Cliff Cermak, Family Dollar community affairs specialist.

Cermak said the company is expanding because of its success in Lansing.

“Family Dollar has had significant new store growth,” Cermak said. “Last October, we opened our 8,000th store (nationally). We provide our customers with value and convenience, and we’re excited to bring folks in Lansing a brand new Family Dollar store.”

The stores average 7,500 square feet. “We’re able to build our stores closer to where our customers live,” said Cermak.

He said the new store will hire eight to 10 individuals, and the company prefers to hire locals.

The addition of another dollar store in Lansing doesn’t come as a surprise to Patricia Huddleston, a Michigan State University advertising professor. She said with the current economic concerns, it only makes sense for an abundance of low-cost shopping options.

“A couple of reasons that dollar stores have become so popular is obviously since the recession a lot of consumers have changed their shopping habits and (are) becoming more price conscious,” Huddleston said. “These dollar stores offer more value for consumers who are more constrained.”

Lansing isn’t the only location experiencing an increase in Family Dollar locations. A recent article in the Journal-News  reported that multiple dollar store chains expect to open hundreds of new locations across the country this year.

A Family Dollar official was quoted in the story saying the company plans to open 525  stores between September 2013 and the end of August 2014.

Lansing residents seem to have mixed feelings toward another Family Dollar coming to the area. Lansing City Councilmember A’Lynne Boles said she doesn’t think the city needs an abundance of dollar stores.

However, Lansing resident Kathy Tow is a fan of the growing dollar store trend. Tow said she believes the new Family Dollar will be beneficial to the community.

“It actually does make sense where they’re going to put it though, because they have those apartments,” Tow said. “There are worse things to go in there.  At least it’s not a liquor store.”

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