East Lansing seeks volunteers for boards

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By Nichole Igwe
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The city of East Lansing is looking for community members to volunteer on a few of its advisory commissions and boards.

The Arts Commission and the Board of Review are two of several panels seeking applicants. The five elected City Council members will interview candidates and fill positions.

Applicants are not required to have any specific skills to be appointed but background knowledge for the boards and commissions being applied to, would be helpful.  Knowledge or experience relevant to the position would be helpful. Most, but not all positions require city residency.

Responsibilities vary and volunteers act as liaisons for the council and provide guidance. Some boards meet once a month, a few meet once a year and others meet once every two years. Some commissions, like the Arts Commission does not meet when there is a lack of business in the community, while others, like the planning commission meet often and plan projects.

A lot of the positions are three-year appointments depending on the commission, and volunteers can reapply for another term when their current term is over.  Usually, volunteers can only apply for as many as two terms but there have been unique cases where people, who have a special knowledge in certain fields have been re-appointed after a two-year term.

Volunteers are not paid and none of the positions have any monetary benefits.

Primarily, citizens who serve on the boards and commissions are people who want to be involved in their community.

“The pride of being involved in your community… that’s your pay,” said Assistant to the City Manager Megan Clark.

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