Do party stores promote environment for crime?

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Averill Woods Neighborhood Association questions whether liquor stores selling alcohol are fostering crime

Crime across Averill Woods have reportedly varied from prostitutes to loose domestic animals, but liquor stores may be one of the biggest curators

Melissa Huber, president of the Averill Woods Neighborhood Association, raised concerns that party stores across Waverly Road in Eaton County contribute to problems in their neighborhood.

“These businesses have been a challenge to our neighborhood quality of life,” she said.

“The problems with alcohol and drugs have spilled over from those locations into our neighborhood at times” Huber said “Our neighborhood to the south, Churchill Downs, has worked cooperatively with both Lansing Police Department and Eaton County sheriff to address these problems.”

After the liquor licensing laws changed in Michigan, the Lansing City Council have also tried to have an impact on these problems.

“The state has complete control over the liquor licenses now. It’s a recent change we are just now realizing and trying to figure out what to do about it.” Huber said. “City Council member Carol Wood is working on potential ordinances to address this change.”




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