Debating on amending the Zoning District Map

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By Jiabin Liu

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

The City Council Meeting at Grand Ledge City Hall by Jiabin Liu

The City Council Meeting at Grand Ledge City Hall
by Jiabin Liu

GRAND LEDGE – the Grand Ledge City Council held a public hearing about an ordinance amending the Zoning District Map on March 24.

The Planning Commission did not approve the rezoning because they were concerned about traffic entering M-100 along the driveway and M-43 (Saginaw Highway) through the parking lot of the existing Doty Professional Building that faces Saginaw Highway.

The majority people in the Planning Commission voted in opposition to the rezoning plan on building 30 apartments in three building.

The Issue

Karl Lothschutz owns Doty Professional Building, LLC at 850 E. Saginaw Highway. Moreover, he owns 2.35 acres of property behind his building, zoned “B-1” Highway Service District, which limits its development to commercial businesses.

Lothschutz wants to rezone his 2.35 acres’ property to “R-HD” Multiple Family Residential District, which allows him to build a 30 apartments’ complex.

The location of this 2.35 acres’ property is at the south of the Doty Professional Building and east of True Value Hardware.

Two Buildings' locations on Google Map  created by Jiabin Liu

Two Buildings’ locations on Google Map
created by Jiabin Liu

“On April 14, the next council meeting, they will review the issue and make a decision on whether to approve or deny the request,” Gregory Newman said, the Grand Ledge City Clerk.

The Zoning Ordinance

The City of Grand Ledge has its own Zoning Ordinance, which determines planning and zoning regulations on which type of buildings to be built in particular locations such as residential districts, commercial district, apartments, offices and industrial zones.

The Zoning Ordinance sets up districts, regulates the use of land and structures, and supports the development of the city.

Different Opinions

“We got a terrible situation with the traffic full out from Meijer in our parking lot,” Jim Roberts said, the owner of the True Value Hardware Store who goes against the rezoning plan.

Mayor Kalmin Smith provides positive opinions on the rezoning plan and probably vote for the rezoning.

“I believe as the owner of the property, Mr. Lothshutz has a right to develop it absent doing harm to others,” Smith said. “I do not believe 30 apartments is going to generate an undue traffic burden. There are several locations in Grand Ledge with potentially worse problems because of apartments or limited outlets and no problems have evolved.”

The City needs economic development in order to provide job opportunities and stimulate economic, said Smith.

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