Community forum hosted by Supervisor Clark

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By Mike Moffat

Bath-DeWitt Reporter


A community conversation was held last Saturday at Jo’s Diner on Main Street in Bath. to discuss issues and ideas with Bath Township Supervisor Paula Clark.

Jo's Diner is where the forum took place Photo taken by Mike Moffat

Jo’s Diner is where the forum took place.
Photo taken by Mike Moffat.


This wasn’t the first time that Clark hosted this get-together. These conversations have been going on since 2009 and her attendance had ranged from 18 people, to just one person, but this time there were seven residents.

“I do this because it really gives the citizens a chance to know what is going on in our community,” said Clark. “It lets them know that we care and nothing is more important than what is on their mind.”

New Superintendent

One issue brought up between the people was the new superintendent, Daniel Wietecha. Questions that got brought up were how do they know he was the right choice? How long does he plan on holding this position? What are some of his plans for the future?

“I have no idea why people are worried about that,” said Brenda Butler-Challender, Deputy Clerk. “He just got voted in, I feel like the residents need to give him some time before having concerns.”

Other Issues

On the other hand, another popular topic was the programs parks and recreation department.

All departments are located here Photo taken by Mike Moffat

All departments are located at the township offices.
Photo taken by Mike Moffat.

“Another issue that has been on the citizens mind was the situation with that,” said Kathleen Mcqueen, Bath Township clerk. “We wanted to let the residents know our plans for the department and the success that will come with it.”

“One of the biggest events coming up is our Easter event,” said Karen Hildebrant, Bath Township Administrative Services Coordinator. “Since the event is free and open to the public, we expect a great turnout and for everyone involved to have a great time.”

Along with those, they also have plans for Zumba classes, a bake sale, and a soccer league starting up. Overall, the residents of Bath Township got answers on their issues and ideas and expect this to keep occurring in Bath.

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