Board of trustees address retro-fitting lighting for township

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The Lansing Charter Township Board of Trustees approved a quote from R M Electric to retro-fit the lighting fixtures in the township-owned parks, buildings and garages.

Kathleen Rodgers the Township Supervisor raised concerns that the bids received from three companies were not comparable.

“The companies didn’t count the same number or lights or quote the same price,” said  Rodgers. “The company out of Grand Rapids only has one electrician, and they’re not an electric company. Their quote was much lower than the other two. It sounds too good to be true.”

West Side Water Supply Manager Randy Seida supported awarding the contract to R. M.  Electic.

“R. M. Electric has done a great job with their work,” said Seida. “I got a recommendation from the Board of Water and Light. I upgraded all of my lights out back, and I was pleased with how it turned out. All of them are reputable contractors. I would recommend R M because they do good work and they are going to give you a warranty.”

According to Seida, it was imperative to make a decision quickly because the township could lose that quote and in the process lose a lot of money.

“If you don’t accept their deal now, you will lose it in the future,” said Seida. “The lights have to get replaced and the job has to be done by then end of March.”

Matt Brinkley, the Senior Planner AICP for LT, agreed with Seida.

“The T-12 lights are scarce,” said Brinkley. “If they aren’t out of production now, they will be soon.”

Seida’s word likely influenced BOT.

“Sometimes loyalty overrides extra cost,” said Seida “They have down work for Lansing Township before and I think you should take a chance because they are the only company offering a warranty.”

— Jacque De Witt

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