A not so cold business in a cold East Lansing

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By Ipshita Moitra
Entirely East Lansing Staff writer

Due to the stormy weather East Lansing is facing, what is going on with the local businesses of the city. The temperature dipped down to as low as -6 degrees in the last week of January, 2014. During such a time how are businesses of various bars and restaurants faring?

“Extreme weather always causes a little decrease but not that much because people still need to eat,” says Aaron Weiner general manager of Buffalo Wild Wings. “Some days are busier than the rest, while some are quiet.”

Even though the season is pretty cold, game days are always an advantage for bars. During an important game the bars are always crowded and bustling with people cheering for their favorite team.

“Game days we get a lot of people,” says Weiner. “It’s busy then no matter what.”

“People come in at later hours, and normally stay back and drink,” says Nolan Ruffling, general manager of The Riv. “There is less bar hopping now and they usually stick around with a bunch of their friends.”

Dublin Square which is a popular joint on Abbot Road hasn’t seen much of a dip during bar time, but less people come to eat out for dinners and lunches.

“There is still a line every weekend, because kids want to go out,” says Danny Solomon a worker at Dublin Square. “We don’t get as many people for dinners like we usually do, but the weekends and weeknights are still pretty busy.”

“We get a lot of people, but not as many as usual,” says Solomon, who has been working at the bar for quite some time now.

Trish Riley, owner of Harper’s and Club Rush, said the business has been the same when it comes to the bars, though the activities in restaurants during day has gone down. Known for doing thematic parties such as the Winter Wonderland, Club Rush attracts many people, irrespective of the weather.

“We still get people, but it’s during later times of the day and they tend to stick around longer,” says Riley. “There are a lot of events going on, a lot of which are based on winter themes, so that attracts people from all age group.”

“We have Arabian Night next Thursday, which is very popular,” says Riley. “It always gets busy during that time and we have been doing it for the past six years during this season.”

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