A fresh breakfast is worth the wait

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A long wait for a seat would normally drive people away from a restaurant, unless the restaurant is called Golden Harvest.

“When you go to Golden Harvest, you know what the wait is going to be,” Said long time Golden Harvest customer. “The longest I’ve waited is 45 minutes but it’s worth any wait.”

Golden Harvest is a little diner in Lansing that serves breakfast and brunch. It is rated the number one place to eat in Lansing by Urban Spoon and TripAdvisor.

Because everything is made from scratch, according to Golden Harvest owner Zane Vicknair, the wait gets up to two hours long.

“I think people appreciate that we make everything from scratch,” Vicknair said.

Vicknair took over the restaurant nearly 10 years ago.

“I’ve appreciated this restaurant for a long time and I wanted to preserve it,” Vicknair said. “There was some talk about making it a pizza place.”

The crowded, friendly atmosphere of Golden Harvest is perfect for breakfast and lunch goers who don’t mind loud music and enthusiastic workers.

“Its different, its quirky. I love quirky.” Karen Owen a visitor of the Golden Harvest for about 5 years said.

Vicknair said he tries to purchase all food used at Golden Harvest locally.

“It’s more of a challenge in the winter here because of seasonal foods,” Vicknair said. “We shop at local farmer’s markets as much as we can.”

Vicknair said after working in the business for so long, he knows where to find the best ingredients.

“I even have someone who grows fresh greens for me in the winter,” Vicknair said. “Part of our motto is ‘we are accessible.’ I want people to be able to get fresh food without emptying their wallets.”

“I’ve tried something new every time I’ve been here,” Owen said. “It’s all good.”

When asked why he chose to keep his business in Lansing, Vicknair said he loved everything about the city.

“It’s centrally located, plus there are so many beautiful things in Michigan,” Vicknair said. “I love the small town vibe, I can go to the grocery store and always see someone I know.”

Golden Harvest is located at 1625 Turner Street. It is open Monday through Friday 7a.m to 2:30p.m and Saturday and Sunday from 8a.m. to 2:30p.m..



Daniella Bruce

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