Harsh winter delays music festival

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By Rachel Tang
Entirely East Lansing Staff Writer

Does weather affect music?

In East Lansing it does! Due to the harsh winter this year, The Record Lounge’s annual music festival usually held in January has been postponed to April.

According to owner Heather Frarey, Middle of the Mitten usually “coincides with the anniversary of the store.” She said, “with the weather the way it was, they didn’t get the group together until later, which pushed things back.”

This year the three-day-festival “coincides with Record Shop Day,” Frarey said. “Usually we have a line from the door to the corner on that day, so it’s huge,” she added.

According to the Record Store Day website, “this is a day for the people who make up the world of the record store, the staff, the customers, and the artists to come together and celebrate the unique culture of a record store and the special role these independently owned stores play in their communities.”

Joel Heckaman, who organizes the event every year, said that it would be before Easter, from the 17th to the 19th. Frarey has always been into the local music scene and Joel always wanted to do a show. Six years ago they started with the first Middle of the Mitten and she sponsored the entire thing.

“We really want to focus on local music,” she said, “we’re trying to get everybody in the area.”

This year will mark the festival’s 6th anniversary. “I hope that it’s a success and we can continue to do it every year, with different groups of people,” said Frarey.

She said that people should “stay tuned for which bands get picked” and which venues were going to be used this year.

Lansing resident and The Record Lounge customer Vittorio Vettraino said, “I think it’s really cool to have not only a record shop, but also a shop that focuses on showcasing local bands.” He said that it was cool that there’s always someone at the store who’s involved with the local music scene whenever you stop by. “It’s a pretty cool hangout spot,” Vettraino said.

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