Winter storm cleanup to be continued after snow melts

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By: Halie Woody

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

Photo Credit: Halie Woody

Photo Credit: Halie Woody



GRAND LEDGE- Community members will continue the winter cleanup after the snow melts.


After a rough winter with no real end in sight winter cleanup procedures have been delayed for the time being but will continue after the snow melts. Members of the community can continue to take small steps to prepare for the cleanup in the mean time.


“We had a plan for the cleanup but we can’t do much since the snow has started up again,” Mayor Kalmin Smith said.


The cleanup started after the first ice storm back in January. This was where a majority of the damage surfaced.


“We had a significant amount of damage from the ice storm with tree limbs falling and the snow this year is a heavier snow than we have experienced in awhile,” Public service director, Larry Lahaie said.


Photo credit: Halie Woody

Photo credit: Halie Woody

Lahaie said community members can help with the mess by collecting any dead brush and branches and taking them to the compost center instead of leaving them out on the streets for them to clean.


“The less we have to pick up the better for us,” Lahaie said.


The compost center is where community members are encouraged to bring any debris and branches they gather up. Some people within the community have attempted to start early on the cleanup dropping off debris at the compost center.


“ We cut large branches off and branches covering the sidewalk and made a few trips to the compost center,” citizen of Grand Ledge, Janeen Sanchez, said. “There was such a short opportunity between the ice and snow it just didn’t get done, it’s a good project for a nice spring day.”


For one woman in the area the melting of the snow is not something she is looking forward to.


“We live at the bottom of a hill so we are expecting the snow to runoff, probably right to our basement,” Grand Ledge citizen Lana Miller said. “Can’t hardly wait.”


Although some may be concerned about potential problems like Mrs. Miller the cleanup seems to be projected into a positive direction.

“We are in great shape financially we are in our budget, there are potholes on old streets to fix but we are in fairly decent shape,” Lahaie said.


The cleanup is estimated to take about 2-3 weeks after the snow is completely gone.



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