Whiskey Barrel delinquent on taxes, unable to renew amusement device license

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The Lansing Township Board denied the Whiskey Barrel Saloon a renewal of their amusement device license because of delinquent taxes.

At the Lansing Charter Township Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 28, the board members had seven businesses requesting renewal for their amusement device licenses. Of the seven, only six were approved.

The businesses that were approved for renewal were Gus’s Bar, NCG Cinemas, Sunshine Laundromat, VFW 701, VFW 6132 and Westgate Tavern. The one that was not was the Whiskey Barrel Saloon.

A local township ordinance requires that each business with amusement devices, which is anything that is coin operated, renew the license necessary for those machines annually. The cost is $25 per device.

According to Township Treasurer Leo Rodgers, the Whiskey Barrel Saloon was denied because they are delinquent on their taxes.

“The total is not over $750, but they have been unresponsive to my letters,” Leo Rodgers said.

This was two weeks ago.

The Whiskey Barrel Saloon is known for being Lansing’s largest country bar. They are frequently bringing in small-time country acts to perform. The bar is also home to a mechanical bull, which is the amusement device they were attempting to renew the license for.

In a follow up interview with Rodgers, he had no new information.

“I have tried to contact the Whiskey Barrel regarding their delinquent taxes, but unfortunately I have not heard from them. I wish I could give you more information, but I cannot at this time,” Rodgers said.

The meeting scheduled for last night, Feb. 11, was cancelled because of extenuating circumstances. The next board meeting will be on Feb. 25. Rodgers said if he has any information to provide before then, he will be happy to share.

— Amanda Chaperon

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