Meridian celebrates Valentine's Day

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By Whitney Burney
Meridian Times Staff Writer

The season of hearts, flowers and expensive gifts is among us. That’s right, Valentine’s Day has returned.

In Meridian Township, the last-minute rush might seemed heightened because of the lack of Valentine’s Day related retailers.

“We are the only floral shop in the area,” said Linda Vogl, co-owner of Al-
Lin’s Floral and Gifts. “All the other shops listed have either gone out of business or are just incorrect.”

Both Linda and her Husband, Al Vogl, have survived in the floral business for eight years. Their only competitors these days are grocery stores.

“We can get almost any kind of flower that a customer wants as long as they call a couple days before they need it,” said Al Vogl.

Meridian’s businesses were more than happy to cater to the needs of their community.

Archie Willoughby of Wheat Jewelers, a business that has been around for 30 years, also notices an increase in the number of customers around Valentine’s Day.

“We get a lot of last-minute shoppers,” said Willoughby. “About the last three days before Valentine’s Day, we will get a boatload of customers.”

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