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By Jiabin Liu

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

GRAND LEDGE – The oldest community club in Grand Ledge, ABC Club, invites you to attend their program on Saint Patrick day at Log Jam.

ABC Club is a small women’s organization, consisted of eight members, and has been active in Grand Ledge for 126 years.

Upcoming Event

On Saint Patrick day, March 17, ABC Club is going to hold a social meeting at Log Jam at 7 p.m.  The program is called “guest night”, and the club encourages everyone to attend.

Their monthly program usually holds at the Log Jam restaurant, located on West Jefferson Street, downtown Grand Ledge.

ABC Club meets monthly at Log Jam restaurant

ABC Club meets monthly at Log Jam restaurant


The ABC Club started as a women organization in 1887.

They chose the letters “ABC” because they are the beginning of the alphabet, and have no other specific meanings.

It started out as a book club that provided and literacy and readings to women who did not have other ways to learn.

Since 1889, they have held various events and meetings to help with the community, for example, war relief, trips, and donations.

Cindy Langenberg is the vice president in ABC Club. She got involved with this club because her friend invited her to join in and help with the club.

“Club meetings were very excepted because it was the time for women to get together with women, outside of their neighbors,” said Langenberg. “ABC Club at one point had a waiting list because they had over 60 members that they couldn’t function in a small space.”

Current target

ABC Club provides different programs on home life, local politics, international affairs and education to extend their knowledge, said Langenberg.

Nowadays, the main focus in ABC Club is to raise money and provide annual scholarship awarded to Grand Ledge High School seniors who are going to college to study.

Nancy Oliver is a member in ABC Club, and she got involved in this club because her mom loves to spell, and she took her mom to the adults’ spelling bee competition held by ABC Club.

“Most of the members tend to be retired people,” Oliver said. “It’s difficult to recruit new members among younger people because they’re so busying with their family and work.”

They try to cover various issues among community issues, violence and politics, Oliver said.

ABC Club started putting events and meeting information on newspapers, such as Lansing State Journal, to attract younger people to join the club.

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