Snowed in schools

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by Sydney Ford

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

Drastic weather conditions have been affecting businesses and schools in the area. Schools like Grand Ledge High School and Beagle Elementary School, are two institutions that have been affected.

The weather in Grand Ledge, much like the rest of Michigan, has hit temperatures of freezing and below. From ice storms to polar vortexes, the city has been covered with snow and ice for some time now.

Brian Metcalf, the Superintendent of the Grand Ledge Public Schools, said “The weather has not affected the attendance [of students] as much as it has impacted the ability to operate the school.”

Grand Ledge High School has already had 8 snow days since this snow has started.  The school has to determine school days not only by what is happening on the school grounds but also in the neighborhoods said Metcalf.

If the snow drifts would be too much of a battle for a regular car without 4 wheel drive or a school bus to travel through, school must be canceled.

Metcalf remembers that this was a major problem when returning from winter break. The neighborhoods had a lot of built up snow that the plows could not handle it and school was canceled.

Beagle Elementary School must also be aware of the temperatures that they are having the children stand in outside while they wait for the bus. Special precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the students.

If the wind chill drops below -20 degrees, the children cannot stand out at the bus stop and school must be canceled. If temperatures are above that, but below -5, the students must come to school but they are not allowed to go out for recess, says Metcalf.

While there hasn’t been any damage to either of the schools yet, they are always prepared for the worst, such as pipes bursting and possibly even floods during the winter months.

During the winter months the temperatures are still dropping and the snow is still falling. The Grand Ledge schools need to continue to do everything that they can to keep faculty and students safe.


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