Saying 'Bye'

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By Riley Thyfault
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

At the Jan. 28 Ingham County Board meeting, District Chairperson Victor Celentino said, “This is the meeting where we are saying ‘bye’ to a lot.”

Health Officer Renée Branch Canady

Health Officer Renée Branch Canady

The board discussed committee vacancies. It has 30 now with one more coming and needs a  director of Animal Control and a new county health officer.

Commissioner Deb Nolan presented outgoing Health Officer Renée Branch Canady with an award for her service.

“It has been an honor and a total pleasure working with Dr. Canady these past two years,” Nolan said “… Dr. Canady has been an outstanding researcher, advocate, educator, trainer, facilitator and I’m going to add public speaker in the areas of health disparity and inequities, cultural competence and social justice throughout her career and social life.”

Canady assured the board of Commissioner that she did not make this career move lightly and promised to be around.

“This is simply a ‘See ya later’ … You’ll be hearing much more from me,” Canady said.

The Director of Ingham County Animal Control, Jamie McAloon Lampman, wrote a letter announcing her resignation.

She was honored with a plaque, a standing ovation and thanks from a number of district representatives.

“In truth, we are losing two superstars tonight. And that is sad for the county,” said Commissioner Todd Tennis, District 5.
Lorna Elliot was appointed to the Animal Control Advisory Committee; Paul Kindel was reappointed to the Farmland Preservation Board; Kirk Heinze was appointed to the Farmland Preservation Board; Kyle Binkley was appointed to the Potter Park Zoo Board.

Service awards

Commissioners  recognized several county residents for their service:
* Laurie Rhodes-Griffith and Elizabeth “Suzie” Chamberlain, 4-H Club of Michigan
* Whitney Spotts and Graham Filler, Big Brothers Big Sisters Club of America
* Kristy Medes received the 2013 Ingham County Women’s Commission Lucile E. Belen Award.

Commissioner Bahar Cook said Medes is, “A woman who has taken in foster children, she is involved in Girl Scouts and everything she touches she tries to make the world a better place … she does so much and never asks for anything back and she’s not looking for recognition.”

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