Pizzas get topped with generosity

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Joe Ghinelli, manager of the Courthouse Pub in Mason, Mich..

Joe Ghinelli, manager of the Courthouse Pub in Mason, Mich..

By Brian Bobal
Mason Times staff writer

On Wednesday, Mason celebrated Pizza Day, which occurs once a month during the school year.

During the day, $1 from every pizza sold at participating restaurants is donated to the Mason Public School Foundation, an organization started in 1984 that supports the education of Mason’s children. Many businesses are enthusiastic about the event.

“It’s awesome, I absolutely love it,” said Joe Ghinelli, a manager at the Courthouse Pub. “To know that (the money) is going to some place like that, absolutely it’s awesome.”

 Ghinelli also says he’s been involved with Pizza Day for “at least three years.”

 Another restaurant involved in Pizza Day is the Little Caesars located on Cedar Street. Store general manager Corey Thayer said that Little Caesars has taken part in Pizza Day before he started working there three years ago.

 “I am pretty prideful about most of that,” said Thayer. “Anything that’s directly involved with the community as a whole I am all for, especially with Mason Pizza Day.”

Corey Thayer, general manager at Little Casesars.

Corey Thayer, general manager at Little Casesars.

Thayer said he enjoys events like this.

 “I’m always constantly looking for things like Mason Pizza Day because that’s something that affects more than just one school,” Thayer said. “It affects the entire community and brings the community together.”

 Even though Little Caesars sells many varieties of pizza, Thayer said only the $5 pizzas are the ones that get donations. The deep-dish pizzas, breadsticks, and wings do not.

Down the street from Little Caesars is City Limits Sports Grill, another venue that participates in Pizza Day. Owner Val Orlando said he feels really good giving back to the community.

 “We are a part of the community, we try to be involved. When it comes to the schools and foundations we try to be proactive,” said Orlando, who has owned the store for four years. “Any time we can help out we are glad to do it.”

 Orlando also said “I think people want to have fun with it. It’s like donut day.”

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