Parks Commission pushes for millage

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A sketch of the future renovations to Wonch Park

A sketch of the future renovations of Wonch Park

By Whitney Burney
Meridian Times staff writer

New taxes are being considered to make Meridian Township parks safer, to add parking and other comforts.

“Hillbrook park needed a restroom the day it was built,” said Todd Wilson, chair of the Meridian Township Park Commission. “Anyone who has sat through a baseball game and made the mistake of drinking too much beer knows that Hillbrook needs a restroom.”

Commissioners discussed pursuing a new millage. The current millage is not enough to support all of the needs of each location.

The parks currently face problems such as child safety due to broken jungle gym equipment, poor parking options and lack of facilities.

According to the commissioners, Hillbrook Park is not the only park that could seriously use updating. These updates have been difficult to accomplish with the lack of funds. For this reason, they have decided to campaign for a new millage.

With more money, the park commission would be able to complete projects that have been postponed like building a dog park within Legg Park.

“I think people would be willing to donate for a dog park,” said LuAnn Maisner, parks and recreation director. “People are not willing to donate to repaving a driveway. The dog park would be something that the community could get a lot of use of.”

This year, the committee hopes to replace the pavilion at Wonch Park. It has been there for nearly 20 years. The pavilion does not have a water source or electricity for the parks’ guests.

In the future, the commission hopes to build a skate park in Marshall Park for local youth and add a trail walk to Wonch Park for older residents, a group the commission believes has not been catered to properly.

The next park commission meeting will be at 6:00pm March 11.

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