Outstanding Citizen Recognition Award Handed Out

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By Mike Moffat

Bath-DeWitt reporter

The Winner

An award was given to Curtis Thayer in DeWitt Township called the Outstanding Citizen Recognition award of 2013. Thayer was handed this award on January 27, 2014.

Thayer, or as his colleagues like to call him “Frog,” has been a resident of DeWitt for over 40 years now. His wife, Linda, didn’t even know about the award, but was very grateful that he received it.

About Thayer

“He has literally done everything for this city, especially the senior citizens,” said Mrs. Thayer. “He has helped mow their lawns, shovel their driveways, anything you can think of, he has done.”

This is one of the plow truck Thayer uses

Plow truck Thayer uses
Photo taken by Mike Moffat

Thayer is a volunteer fireman for DeWitt Township. His co-workers say that he is a favorite around the station.

Here is the Fire Department Thayer volunteers for

Fire Department Thayer volunteers
Photo taken by Mike Moffat

“He’s constantly helping the community because he is the type of guy who will put everyone else before him,” said Lt. King of the fire department. “He truly is a great candidate for the award, and he really deserved it.”

Nomination Process

Similar to the Outstanding Business Recognition Award given out within the township, board members have to nominate the recipient. The main difference between the two awards though is that this one focuses more on what the citizen has done as a whole to the community. Then, members vote on who gets it between the nominations, just like the business award. The person who nominated Thayer was DeWitt Township Clerk, Diane Mosier.

“I nominated Scott because he is the kind of citizen we all want to live next to. He’s familiar with everyone and helping others is always his first priority.” said Mosier.

Thayer looks forward to helping his community every day and every opportunity possible. He really loves what he is currently doing, and his favorite part is being in DeWitt.

“I’ve been here since 1976, and I’ve loved every second of it,” said Thayer “To receive an award like this is truly an honor and I hope that I can inspire others to help the community as much as I have.”

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