Outstanding Business Recognition Award Given Out

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By Mike Moffat

Bath-DeWitt Reporter

An award in DeWitt township that the board members gave to the company Redline Auto Service for the Outstanding Business Recognition award of 2013. The board of members at DeWitt decided to present them this award on January 31, 2014.

Redline Auto Service, located on the corner of E State Road and US Business 27, has been in business since 2002. Scott Rendell, with his son Nicholas run the business.

Photo taken by Mike Moffat

Redline Auto Service on the corner of E State road and US Business 27

“I was very proud of my dad after receiving the award,” said Nicholas Rendell. “He really has worked hard, and he put in the most effort to get this place to where it is at today.”

What is decided on who gets this award is it all starts when the board members nominate a company, and with seven members voting, they decide on who gets the award. The board then bases this decision on contributions to the community is, as well as public services to the competition. But, in the beginning when a board member presents a company, they have to make a case on why they are nominating them.

“We chose Redline because they made a serious commitment, and it wasn’t just one thing,” said Phyllis Daggy, the DeWitt township treasurer. “They improved the whole corner they were located at, as well as addressing the community in a positive way and always guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

When this business first started in 2002, it was a broken down building. Rendell then made serious renovations, such as installing new tiles in the front desk area, getting new signs, rebuilding the garages, and repairing the parking lot.

“My favorite part about working in this location is it really has a strong community feeling,” said Scott Rendell. “It is very tight knit, and the amount of people and traffic that passes the company really helps me get good business, and everyone that comes in is so respectful.”


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