Library helps preschoolers develop early reading skills

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By Beth Waldon
Mason Times staff writer

Preschoolers participated in developmental activities during “Storytime” Tuesday morning at the Mason Public Library at 145 W. Ash St.


Parents and children circle around Mason Librarian Mari Garza as she reads to them.

Librarian Mari Garza has led preschoolers in Storytime since last year, and said this program has been at the library since 2004.

While Garza reads to the preschoolers every Tuesday at 10 a.m, Head Librarian Cheryl Lyons holds a separate Playtime and Storytime for ages up to 3 on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.

Christy Mitchell, a nanny of twin 2-year-old boys, said she enjoys bringing the boys to Storytime because it’s like a weekly “play date” for them.

During storytime Tuesday, Garza read to the children, asked them to engage in an activity related to the book and taught them songs.


Garza allowing each child to write an L on the chalkboard.

According to the Mason Library event web page, the purpose of Storytime is to help preschoolers to develop early reading skills. After Garza read to the preschoolers about a lamb, she taught each child how to draw a long line and then a short line on the chalkboard to create the letter L.

According to Garza, guests from other Capital Area District Library branches will occasionally visit during Storytime. In the past, there have been librarians who dress up as Maisy Mouse, Curious George, and there was a librarian who brought an actual rabbit to show the children.

Garza said some of the kids’ favorite books are don’t let the pigeon drive the bus by Mo Willems and sheep in a jeep by Nancy E. Shaw.


Preschoolers get their blood flowing after Storytime by playing with a colorful parachute.

Tamar Eisenmann said her husband brought their daughter to Storytime for two years, but now that she has advanced to kindergarten, Eisenmann brings her 3-year-old son, Titus. “I love how it prepares them for school,” Eisenmann told Garza.

The Mason Library recently added Evening Storytime and Saturday Storytime for ages 3 and up. These story times will occur twice a month. For specific times and to register your child, call 517-676-9088.

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