Ledge Craft Lane Artist of the Month

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by Sydney Ford

Grand Ledge Gazette reporter

Grand Ledge–Ledge Craft Lane promotes local artists and drums up business by presenting artist of the month awards.

Ann Dyer

Ann Dyer, February’s artist of the month, is no stranger to Ledge Craft Lane awards. This is her second time being featured in their gallery, and the first time being back in1980.

Currently working for a Grand Rapids printing label, she received a commercial art degree from Lansing Community College.

LCC is where she said she picked up her love of art, and began to specialize in ink and illustration artwork.

Her pen and ink pieces were the pieces selected to be featured in the Ledge Craft gallery for the month.

Ledge Craft

Ledge Craft Lane is a non-profit gallery located on 120 S. Bridge St., Grand Ledge, MI, 48837.

They have been in business since the 1970’s and have been conducting this artist of the month promotion since their doors opened.

The gallery displays different forms of art, from oil paintings to photography. They also sell household novelties, pottery, jewelry and other hand crafted items.

To be selected as artist of the month, local artists submit work to Ledge Craft to have it reviewed. If their art meets the guidelines and will fit in cohesively with the pieces that are already in the gallery, they are selected.

Originals as well as copies of their art will be sold in the store for that month. Ledge craft also uses a year round art fair to promote local artists and themselves.


Having an artist of the month does not only crate exposure for artists that may otherwise not be as recognized, but Ledge Craft is also able to benefit from this, says Christine Wooten, the administrative assistant of Ledge Craft Lane.

Ten percent of the profit from each featured piece from the artist sold comes back to Ledge Craft.

“As a non profit small business, those proceeds go back into the building.” said Wooten

Dyer was particularly excited about getting more exposer and gaining connections from Ledge Craft.

“Being featured as artist of the month is great for an artist like me that has taken a bit of a hiatus. We get the opportunity to create and reprint more artwork to be sold.The exposure as well as the connections I get from this is really helpful.”

Artists are also referred to other galleries that would be interested in displaying their art after they leave Ledge Craft Lane.

“The artist of the month brings in business for both the business as well as the artists,” says Marilyn Smith, president of Ledge Craft, “I think that we will continue this for as long as possible.”


You can contact the reporter Sydney Ford at fordsyd1@msu.edu


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