Last-minute valentines still have options

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By Brian Bobal
Mason Times staff writer

Tammy Weber prepares flowers in advance of the Valentine's day rush.

Tammy Weber prepares flowers in advance of the Valentine’s day rush.

Businesses in Mason are preparing for the rush of last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers. Tammy Weber, of Mason Floral & Garden, says a lot of the Valentine’s Day crowd comes on the day itself.

“We do about half our business the day of,” said Weber. “It’s frantic because it’s all last minute. It’s all the naughty guys that didn’t order previously.”
“The dozen roses are very traditional, and then we have specials,” said Weber. “The $50 arrangements sell the most.”

Those arrangements consist of blushing roses, love-fest flowers, passionate Peruvian lilies, and regular vases of flowers and others.

Another hot spot on Valentine’s Day is Kean’s Store Company, with candy, jewelry, and cards. Teresa Wren, who owns the store with her husband, says they really get busy for two days, the day before, and the day of.

“The wife section (of the Hallmark cards) is the most important and the most visited,” she said. “Jewelry, candy, cards and just general gifts (are often busy).”

Meghan Harrison (left) and Olivia Newell (right) behind the Kean's candy counter.

Meghan Harrison (left) and Olivia Newell (right) behind the Kean’s candy counter.

Three other workers at Kean’s who are ready for the holiday include Amy Milana, Olivia Newell and Meghan Harrison. They each split time working behind the candy counter, and other departments.

Newell and Milana each had a different take on which candy sold the most.

“Out of the options, the cinnamon hearts have been going a lot,” said Milana, who has worked at Kean’s since October. “The almonds go, too.”

Newell, who has been working there since August, has a different opinion saying, “the gummi Valentine’s candy has been going. Those do sell a lot.”

As for the rush of last minute shoppers, Harrison feels the store is well prepared.

“They staffed a lot of people,” said Harrison, who is the veteran of the three having worked there for seven years. “So I think they’re expecting a lot of people to come in at the last minute, especially to get the Hallmark cards.”

She also said she expects to see a certain group of patrons that will be doing the last-minute shopping.

“All the males,” she said with a smile. “It’s in their nature.”

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