Lansing mayor asks for more road funding from the state

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In Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero’s State of the City address, he asked the state for more funding for area roads.

Due to harsh weather this winter, Michigan has been hit hard with deteriorating road conditions. After the winter season subsides, the roads will only get worse.

According to the local NBC news station WILX, Bernero has already set aside $3 million this year to take care of the roads, but it will not be enough.

“The cost to build new roads with curb and gutter is about $1 million per mile,” Bernero said.

Bernero is now turning to the state for extra funding.

“The money we’ve been getting from the state, from the gas tax, has been dwindling. You’ve got a surplus. Put it into our roads,” Bernero said. “We need help. Cities across the state…this affects our daily quality of life, it affects economic development.”

Hitting a pothole while driving can do major damage to your vehicle, and the repairs can be costly.

According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, rough roads add an average $335 to the annual cost of owning a car, and it can add an additional $740 in some big cities.

Lansing Township resident Hannah Anderson is one of many who has fallen victim to these rough road conditions, costing her a fortune.

“The roads in Michigan are horrible,” Anderson said. “The other day, I was on my way to work and I hit a pothole. It popped my tire, bent my rim and other things that ended up costing me almost $450.”

As a working college student, Anderson can’t afford the expense and expressed concern that she isn’t seeing anything being done to fix the issue.

“You know, it actually pisses me off that the roads are so terrible,” Anderson said. “I work to put myself through school and taxes are taken out of every one of my paychecks. So, what are those taxes going to? Because it certainly doesn’t look like my money is going into fixing the roads.”

-Carley Johnston

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