Haslett collaborates for new technology

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By Madeline Carino
Meridian Times staff writer

It’s no secret that technology makes people’s lives easier. Haslett school board members discussed in their last meeting what type of technological advancements should be made for teachers to reach full academic potential with students.

Steve Sneed, Haslett Robotics Club representative, reached out to the school board and requested to expand robotics in the district. The goal of robotics is to prepare students who are pursuing a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related field.

According to Sneed, by the year 2020, the U.S. will have more than 1 million unfilled computer-programming and engineering related jobs.

Occupation projections in the year 2020 according to Bureau of Labor.

Occupation projections in the year 2020 according to Bureau of Labor.

To prevent this void, Sneed suggested hiring more permanent staff members for the Robotics Club, developing a guidance committee to advise students with STEM topics or possibly bringing robotics into the curriculum.

Other technology related enhancements were also discussed.

Upgrading to online resources can help instructors reach out to students in a unique way and keep students engaged with new teaching methods. Ultimately, these methods are geared to help students succeed.

Jeffrey Cassin, director of technology, presented a plan to ensure that Haslett schools will properly implement new technology into the curriculum. Elements of the plan include professional development for new and current staff members. Instructors need to be informed on how to use the technology to integrate it into the classroom.

When asked what technological measures are used in Haslett schools, School Board President Don Frank said, “We have a variety of them. Classrooms are using Smart Boards, we have wireless connectivity through the schools, broadband connections, that sort of thing.”

Haslett schools also use the Moodle content management system to benefit students, parents and staff. These systems allow instructors to post assignments, grades and other materials. Students can then access these materials on their own time. These systems are especially helpful when a student is absent or when a school has several cancellations due to weather, which has been the case for Haslett schools throughout this winter.

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