Haslett athletic boosters host annual dinner

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photoBy Spencer Impellizzeri
Meridian Times Staff Writer

The Haslett Athletic Boosters hosted their annual Outback Steakhouse Dinner on Friday, Jan. 31.

The dinner was held 4:30-6 p.m. in the Haslett High School Cafeteria prior to a boys and girls basketball doubleheader.

Tammy Lemmer, vice president of the boosters, described the process for the dinner at the Haslett Athletic Boosters meeting on Jan. 20.

“We do an annual fundraising dinner held in the cafeteria and it’s held prior to two basketball games, a girls varsity and then a boys varsity game,” Lemmer said. “We have the dinner and then all head in and watch hoops.”

Candy Griffiths, president of the boosters, elaborated on the donation before the dinner.

“Outback brought in the food and then we got some other donations from Meijer, Gordon Food Services, and Arnouts Insurance,” Griffiths said. “Arnouts insurance donated money, Meijer donated a gift card, and Gordon Food Services gave us a discount. We used the donations to cover the drinks and desserts.”

Mandi Lawrence, the owner of the Outback in Okemos, talked about Outback’s contribution.

“We donated our house salad with our ranch dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, barbecue chicken breasts and sirloin medallions,” Lawrence said.

“This is one of a couple events we do full donation,” Lawrence said. “This has been the one we’ve been doing for the past couple years though.”

The expected turnout for the dinner was down from previous years, but the boosters were pleasantly surprised with the turnout.

“This year we’re a little bit down partly because we’ve had some basketball games cancelled and that’s where we normally sell our tickets,” Griffiths said before the dinner. “In the past, like last year, we were just a little over 100, but this year we’ve only sold about 80.”

After the conclusion, Lemmer said, “I think it went well. We had about 15 walk-ins, which was really exciting.”

Dave Campbell, a father of two Haslett students, said, “I came to the event because it’s really good food and it supports the athletic department.”

Mark Ott, whose daughter plays basketball said, “The event maybe doesn’t have as many participants this year, but its similar to last year’s event.”

Haslett Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Chris Smith was impressed with the dinner.
“This is my first year here,” Smith said. “I think they do an excellent job and it’s a great fundraiser for our schools.”

Griffiths said that 93 people came.

“The proceeds of the event will go to the general athletic fund,” Griffiths said.

According to Griffiths, the fund is designed to give money to the different sports programs. The money is kept in the fund until a sport requests funds.

The dinner was the main fundraising for the boosters for the year, according to Griffiths.

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