HAMmy Talent Challenge to Raise Funds for H.O.L.T. Scholarship

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By Sophie Smith
Holt Journal staff writer

For those looking to show off a special talent, Buddies Pub and Grill in Holt is hosting the second annual HAMmy Talent Challenge beginning Tuesday Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.

This event, created by Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis in 2013, is a three-round competition in which contestants show off their artistic and musical skills, hence the ‘HAM’ in Hammy – Holt Arts and Music.

“We came up with ‘Hammy’ for the arts and music title, but also because it’s a bunch of people just having fun performing and being a ‘ham,’” said Davis.

Frequent Buddies customer and Holt resident Jennifer Little said she will surely be in attendance at the talent show, mostly for the great company and atmosphere.

“Buddies is easygoing, relaxed and open to everyone of all ages,” said Little. “I love all the different activities they offer on different nights of the week, too.”

Davis said all ages are welcome to sign up. Last year there were 80 contestants, the youngest being a 7-year-old boy.

“Last year’s show was just phenomenal,” said Davis. “It was definitely an event that left that warm fuzzy feeling inside when it was over.”

This year, Davis says Delhi Township hopes to team up with the Holt Business Alliance with this project to raise more funds and create a better event.

According to Davis, there is no charge to be a contestant in the talent challenge and it is free to see the show. Donations are welcomed and put toward the H.O.L.T. Scholarship fund.

The H.O.L.T. (Helping Others Learn Together) program raises money to assist graduating students of Holt Public Schools continue their education at Lansing Community College.

“There are many students that go to Holt who work hard but would be unable to attend college without scholarships,” said Holt High School graduate Jenna Mcnamara (Mick-nahm-ah-rah.)

Mcnamara, now a student at Michigan State University, said she  received several scholarships before starting her college career.

“It’s wonderful to see local businesses supporting causes for students that go to schools in the area. It lets the students know that the community is behind them and the community will continue to grow,” said Little.

Little said she believes the H.O.L.T. scholarship is a fantastic program and is glad that Buddies will be allowing the HAMmy Talent Challenge to happen for a second year in a row.

Buddies server Mykala Tucker presumes the event will bring a lot of business, as most other events do for the restaurant.

“We have a great atmosphere (at Buddies) and it’s a very family friendly place to come enjoy company and eat great food,” said Tucker.

To be a contestant in the HAMmy Talent Challenge, an application can be found on the Delhi Charter Township website.

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