Governor Rick Snyder commercial receives mixed reactions

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On Super Bowl Sunday, Rick Snyder’s re-campaign commercial began airing its way into the homes of Michigan families watching the game. The commercial opens with Snyder scuba diving.  Residents in Lansing Township had mixed feelings toward the commercial.

Michael Craven, a Lansing Community College student and part-time cashier at the Frandor Dunham’s Discount Sports, didn’t agree with the commercial’s message portraying Snyder as “The Comeback Kid.”

“I don’t think he’s done enough to earn that title,” said Craven. “I haven’t gotten enough exposure to what he’s actually done as Governor.”

Carl Yorimoto, a senior journalism student at Michigan State who describes himself as a free-market anarchist, agreed with Craven.

“They paid about $8 million for that commercial,” said Yorimoto. “They probably should’ve spent that on financial aid for college students or new roads or something that could make a difference to people not just in the community, but the entire state.”

Erin Castillo, a sophomore education major at Michigan State felt that the scuba diving part of the commercial was good for Snyder.

“I liked it,” said Castillo. “It showed his personal side with the scuba diving scene. It was a nice touch. I felt like you got to know him a little.”

“Our Governor loves budgets, ignores politics and brings results,” the ad said.

Yorimoto did not agree that the commercial was effective.

“I thought the commercial was odd,” said Yorimoto. “I’m confused as to what we’re supposed to make of that weird snorkeling bit. “The whole ‘self-made, tough nerd’ labels of cheesy forced self-branding.”

Craven agreed with Yorimoto that Snyder doesn’t follow that motto.

“I haven’t heard enough from everyone I know that knows politics,” said Kraven. “At the end of the day, I ask myself what has he done for us?”

Although the commercial was received differently by residents of Lansing Township, the commercial garnered plenty of attention from its viewers. The commercial generated plenty of publicity for Snyder, both negative and positive. The question still remains who were the main targets of the commercial, whether it was trying to get the attention of the Snyder opposition, supporters, or the undecided. Nevertheless, students and community members had an opinion on it; because his decisions affect the Lansing Township Community.

Lansing Township could have four more years, if he is re-elected to office. Some like Yorimoto are hoping that’s not the case.

“Snyder is just another example of the government’s inability to fix anything,” said Yorimoto.

— Jacque De Witt

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