City hall officially opens its new doors

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By: Halie Woody

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer

GRAND LEDGE- Grand Ledge city officials held the grand opening of the new city hall Tuesday.

What was previously Greenwood Elementary school is now the new city hall and police headquarters. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the new facility and brought out various city officials and members of the community.


Ethelen Herbstreit, President of the Grand Ledge historical society spoke at the event saying that she is most looking forward to displaying art from the city’s rich history.


“I want to inspire people to further their interest in history so they can be touched by what has happened here,” Herbstreit said.


For members of the community this is a very special day in history.


“This is a big day, it’s a historical day,” John Baumgartner, long time resident of Grand Ledge, said. “I have been a resident for over 30 years and always have been interested in the history of the city and I hope this will open up more of that.”


The new city hall and police quarters have been remodeled and updated. Community members were welcome to tour the new facilities and get an inside look at where all the departments would meet.


Moving the city hall and police headquarters over into the old school not only saved time and money rather than rebuilding an entire new space but it also has restored a sentimental value according to Brandon Haskell who attended Greenwood Elementary School.

photo credit: Halie Woody

“It’s nice to walk over here and see the old playground left it brings back a lot of memories,” Haskell said. “It also opens up a strong sense of community we can be brought back to these memories.”


The ceremony continued on as an open house for the remainder of the day until 7 p.m. History in the city was a largely discussed topic amongst visitors who toured the new building.


“The history is very rich here in the city and it was nice to see all of the art work from people who come from here to be apart of it,” Joan Kane, President of the Grand Ledge area district library, said.


The hall is officially open as of Tuesday.


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