11th annual Grand Ledge Opera House Bridal Show benefits vendors; patrons

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by Melissa Delekta- Grand Ledge Gazette Reporter

GRAND LEDGE- The Grand Ledge Opera House, located at 121 S. Bridge St, hosted their 11th annual Bridal Show on Sunday, Feb 16th. The event featured about 40 vendors, which ranged from florists to dress shops to caterers. Melanie May, Bridal Consultant at the Grand Ledge Opera House, expected that 150 registered brides and over 400 people would be in attendance.

An annual tradition

The bridal show was a tradition before May arrived, but she has continued to keep host the event annually because she feels it is beneficial to all parties involved.

Bridge Street Wedding Chapel was one of the many vendors that participated in the bridal show. Photo by: Melissa Delekta

Bridge Street Wedding Chapel was one of the many vendors that participated in the bridal show. Photo by: Melissa Delekta

“It gives our clients a chance to talk to vendors on a more personal level,” May said. “And the vendors like it because they feel that they get more one on one time with the clients then in similar events.”

Owner of The Dowry Bridal Salon, Emily Archer, participated, this year, for her second year in a row.

“I definitely noticed an increase in business after the show last year,” Archer said.


Vendors are required to pay a $200 entrance fee, which is put toward the promotion of the event including television, radio, print, and internet ads May said.

Even with the fee Archer feels it is worth it to participate due to the direct exposure to potential customers.

The event charged a four-dollar entrance fee for patrons, which May said, went toward refreshments, staffing, and gift bags.

First time participants find success 

The Petalist Floral Design owner, Jennifer Egan, participated for the first time this year.

“This being my first year I am hoping to book some weddings,” Egan said. “Networking with some of the other vendors is also one of my goals for today.

Vendors were not the only ones who hoped to gain something from the show, bride Amanda Thelen was on a mission.

“I needed deals on some tuxes and I was without a make up artist,” Thelen said. “I believe I found both here.”

Thelen, an East Lansing resident, heard about the event through a friend.

The bridal show is put on once a year by the Grand Ledge Opera House.

“We enjoy doing it for all the clients, the vendors, and any of the general public who wants to come through,” May said.

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