Government actions affect many Americans

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The American people will soon face the repercussions of recent governmental changes. From the Affordable Care Act to recent cuts in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, many people will find their lives changed, including folks who live within the two small Michigan towns of Bath and Dewitt.

Affordable Health Care Act effects many

Tom Isanhart, auxiliary member at the Dewitt Veterans of Foreign Wars, says that the Affordable Health Care Act has not yet affected him.

“It won’t affect me much, but it’ll effect everyone else,” said Isanhart. “Many will lose coverage because their employers would rather pay the fines than pay the costs of coverage.”

With food stamps being cut earlier this month, many are concerned by the loss of meals for families. Families using SNAP can lose as many as 12 meals a month.

November 1st cuts show families will struggle

Amanda Shreve, manager of programs and partnerships for the Michigan Farmers Market Association, discussed that the cuts on Nov. 1 were a return to the normal benefits given pre-recession.

“Right now it’s shocking,” said Shreve. “But by the time the markets open in May, they may be well adjusted.”

Many around the nation are wondering what these two large changes will mean for them and their families. To better understand what these implementations will mean for your family, visit
 Health Care website:
 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities website:

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