Galleries in Old Town

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Old Town is the art council of Greater Lansing. Visitors of Old Town will find an art gallery to stop in. The first Sunday of every month there is an event called First Sunday Gallery Walk. During this walk, all the art galleries in Old Town showcase their newest artist and show what they have to offer to customers. Here are five top participants in the First Sunday Gallery Walk.

1. Katalyst


Katalyst is owned by Sarah Christiansen, who believes her store showcases art that is the driving force behind art and design. The artwork is modern and contemporary and showcases over 75 local artists. Katalyst is an art gallery as well as a home décor and retail store. Christiansen will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Katalyst on Sept. 26 and hopes her store inspires others to create art.

2. MICA Art Gallery


MICA is a non-profit art gallery that showcases two artists from the Michigan area at a time. MICA has been around for more than 28 years but has changed its name through out the years. Not only do they participate in the First Sunday Gallery Walk, but also showcase their art in Old Town’s Jazz Festival. During the month of December MICA showcases holiday shows. MICA’s art gallery is also used to host meetings.

3. Gallery 1212


Gallery 1212 is a fine art gallery that showcases artists in the Michigan area. Right now they are showcasing Dennis Preston. Preston uses color and black and white in his drawings and take a different view on life in his work. Preston’s artwork will be showcased next week. Gallery 1212 does not only showcase artwork but also has classes for aspiring or amature artists. There is water media, drawing, oil painting, paint and gogh and reverse glass painting. Below are the black and white paintings that Dennis Preston created.

4. Absolute Gallery


Absolute Gallery is a gallery that not only sells and showcases art but is also a retail store. There are paintings, cards, jewelry, pottery and stuffed animals. Absolute Gallery does not just showcase artists from Michigan but nationally and even internationally. This art gallery also sells over thousands of framework for customers to choose the perfect match for their new painting.

5. By The Riverside Gallery


By The Riverside Gallery sells pottery and fine art. They showcase a new artist each month. By The Riverside Gallery showcases art in hope to change people’s lives. Not only do they sell art but also smaller forms of art, like jewelry.

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