First Fridays in Old Town

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OLD TOWN LANSING – First Fridays is an event put together by the Old Town Commercial Association on the first Friday of every month where businesses extend their hours and feature unique, money saving, specials for their guests.

The Next First Fridays will be held Sunday, Jan 1, 2014, featuring specials throughout majority of the dine-in’s, galleries, health and wellness and everyday needs places throughout Old Town.

“We are in the process of signing up more family-friendly businesses, interacting with the public on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter and trying to just get the word out about First Fridays and all of the great specials there are,” said Nicole DuJardin, Recruitment and Business Development Specialist at Lansing First Fridays. “First Fridays hired two interns to help, Julia Sullivan takes care of social media and promotion and I take care of business recruitment and development. We have events like Tuesday Trivia and hash-tag contests to engage the public.”

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