County promotes Tuition Incentive Program for students

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By Rashad Timmons
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

Su A’lyn Holbrook, county director of the Department of Human Services, wants to draw more attention to the Tuition Incentive Program in Ingham County. The program seeks to serve youth and adolescents receiving government assistance in educational development.

“Children eligible for Medicaid are eligible for the TIP,” said Holbrook. “There are about 614 high school seniors that are eligible this year.”

According to Michigan Department of Human Services, the program is run in conjunction with the Department of Treasury to help offset the costs of college. The site also states that the mission of this is to encourage the completion of high school or GED.

Holbrook found that last year, 17,000 children were serviced by Medicaid and other government-based assistance programs. Statistics suggest that there are already 16,000 eligible children.

As stated in the Michigan State University’s Governor’s Budget Recommendation report, the latest annual number of Tuition Incentive Program-eligible students who enroll in an institution was 15,600. However, only 16 percent of eligible students applied. The report also states that Michigan State University will award up to $2,000 in tuition benefits for students that have at least 56 accepted credits and are pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

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