The Shutdown

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Nakea Paige

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Do you care about the shutdown?


Many people in Bath Twp. were confused and worried about what would happen if the federal government shutdown, while others said they could care less.


The federal government shutdown will impact most federal government employees, which will essentially impact the people of the community. Being that most agencies will be shut down, there are a lot of services that people will not be able to have and some people are terrified about this.


There were several students, specifically those who attended Michigan State, who said they have not been following the stories about the shutdown because they felt it did not directly affect them.


“I honestly do not care about the shutdown, what’s new? There is always something going on because people just can’t get their way,” said Cortez Johnson, a Michigan State senior.


Another student, Sara Davis, was concerned because she needed her parents to send her money but due to the fact that her bank was federally owned, she had to wait.


“I really needed to buy a specific book for class and there aren’t that many banks that are here and back home and I don’t rely on western union,” said Davis.


“My parents went to the credit union that I bank with and it was closed. They said they tried several other banks and were turned around because they were also closed. Being from out of state I rely on my parents sometimes to send me money, and not being able to have it scares me,” said Davis.


After the shutdown was over, a representative from that specific credit union bank, which is located in Maryland, said that the shutdown was a disaster because “people were worried about when or if they will have access to their money because we are a federal bank.”


“Being a federal employee, I was worried about when I would be able to come back to work. Though people had access to their monies already in their accounts, what about those who needed some for bills or other necessities,” said the employee, who opted to remain nameless.


While some residents didn’t care about the shutdown, others were worried because it directly did impact them. Even others who were not local residents worried about the likelihood of others as well as themselves.

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