Living in Old Town

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Old Town’s downtown real estate may cater to young professionals and singles but more families have begun to find appeal within the borders.

“Although downtown Old Town is a much more commercial area than anything else, we have condos and lofts that attract young residents,” said Louise Gradwohl, executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association.

 Gradwohl said that the downtown is mostly made up of commercial property such as boutiques and art galleries but there are also some residential properties that make up part of the eight block radius that is the historic district of Lansing.

Gradwohl said that the few residents that live within the eight blocks are either singles,young couples or young professionals as well as some shop owners that live above their business. She said that the residential condos and trendy lofts are often spaces suited for only one or two people, so it is ideal for the younger people.

“There are no families with children that I know of living in the downtown area of Old Town,” said Gradwohl. “There might be some families with school-aged children on the outskirts but that’s about it.”

Although, there may not be any families with children living downtown, real estate agent James Noble said that the people interested in moving into Old Town has become varied.

“A lot more people with families are becoming interested in the Old Town area,” said Noble. “The artistic and eclectic styles of Old Town are attracting varied types of people now.”

Noble said that although families are not interested in the lofts and condos downtown, he has sold many of the houses that are located in the outer areas of Old Town to families with school-age children. He said that parents also have the school-of-choice option now, making it easier to move without having a lot of concern for the schools designated to the area.

 “Families now are falling in love with moving into Old Town,” said Noble. “The old and charming houses are fun to fix up.”

Gradwohl said that the downtown property that is available is mostly an attractive option to young people moving to the area. She said that the real estate cost is much less than in other parts of the city and that is because most of it is privately owned.

“It is a lot less to lease or buy property here because it is not ran by management companies,” said Gradwohl.” “Old Town is a very interesting market.

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