MSU helps to raise second highest amount of money for Lansing non-profit

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Student of Help A Willing Kid training at crown boxing ring

Students of Help A Willing Kid training at Crown Boxing Ring

Michigan State University organization raise just over $2,600 for Lansing Non-profit to help the education of local Lansing students

Crown Boxing Club in the Lansing is also home to the H.A.W.K (Help A Willing Kid) foundation that “helps kids of all ages with school, a place to sleep at night, food to eat and anything else they may need,” said 20-year-old Michigan State University student Betsy Weir of Phi Sigma Pi that raised money for the non-profit.

HAWK is the philanthropy of the co-ed fraternity that raised $2,602 in less then a week through two events. “We held a dinner at a local restaurant and also held TTAT,” Weir said.

TTAT is an annual event the organization holds where “two people are always teeter tottering, and it goes for a full 24 hours on MSU’s campus,” Weir said. “The money from this event specifically is put towards the education of the kids.”

The organization presented a check of the full amount $2,602 to Ali Easley, the foundation’s president, on Sunday Oct. 16 at their meeting.

“This is the second largest amount of money we have raised through this event,” said Easley, who is known as “Coach” to this kids. “I know that with every year we hold this event we can raise this amount of money or even more.”

The non-profit hosts kids of all ages from elementary school to high school and “teaches them the discipline needed for boxing and how to apply that to their everyday lives,” Weir said.

The foundation relies heavily on donations, grants and receives no governmental funding. Their website, explains the foundations mission.

Easley also said they are one of only a few community-based operations across the country that is not receiving any financial support from the government. Most such centers receive about 15 percent of their operational revenue from government sources.

They have been assisting underprivileged youths for nearly 15 years, and provide a variety of programs for kids in the greater Lansing area, including swimming and track and field.

“It’s good to know that we’re making a difference in the kids lives and that they are not terribly effected by the government shut down,” Easley said.”We’re always here to help no matter if it’s with tutoring, getting them school supplies or fundraising for Crown Boxing ring where the kids may stay. It’s nice to know we are a positive influence in their lives.”


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