Meridious Prime coming to an intersection near you

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By Justin Polk
Meridian Times staff writer

Meridian has a lot of history in the township. From the first settlers to Chief Okemos, a lot of signs that represent the township. The Meridian Township Art Committee called out via the Art Council of Greater Lansing to find someone to represent the township in a single art piece. Local artist Timothy Higgins reached out to the committee regarding the task at hand.

“I first heard about the opportunity by responding,” said Higgins who is from Elsie, Michigan. “to the call to artists that was put out via the Art Council of Greater Lansing web site.”

After getting in contact with the Meridian Township Art Committee, Higgins was hard at work researching Meridian’s history.

“From there came the task of working my imagination,” said Higgins. “To come up with a piece that is tied in to the community, attractive, durable and original.”

The Meridian Art Committee considered nine proposal to consider and chose Higgins’ Meridius Prime. He was happy at what the challenge would bring.

“The work will take about 5-6 months to produce and install, with a completion date and dedication set for early spring 2014” explained Higgins.

The inspiration for the artwork came from Meridian’s location. The township is located on Michigan’s Prime Meridian which was the cartographic starting point to map out the state of Michigan.
Higgins’ challenge is making the sculpture tall enough for people to see and it must withstand the crazy Michigan weather.

“The completed work will stand about 14 feet tall,” said Higgins. “And be composed of #304 stainless steel, the same metal used for the city of St. Louis’ Gateway Arch.”

The township said that the project will coast $10,000 and be funded by the Lansing Economic Area Partnership’s Placemaking Public Art Grant. The sculpture will be at the at the roundabout connecting Marsh Rd with Hamilton Rd near downtown Okemos. Map Here

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