Holt farmers’ market allows residents to see a variety of local products

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By Anthony Serafino
Holt Journal staff writer

Every Saturday from May 4 to November 23 Holt holds a weekly farmers’ market showcasing local products which includes pumpkins, squash, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Chuck Grinnell said he loves the idea of the farmers’ market because it brings residents together with local growers.

Grinnell, Holt Farmers’ Market manager, also said residents love coming to the market even if they are not from Holt.

“We started the farmers’ market here in Holt almost six years ago now. Initially I had no expectations but we saw tremendous participation from the local farmers and residents of the surrounding areas,” Grinnell said. The market welcomes residents from all areas.

According to website, the market is in the old Delhi Township Fire Department.

“East Lansing has a very similar farmers’ market to ours. The main difference is theirs is outside and ours is inside. This way we can ensure all the products stay fresh at all times,” Grinnell said.

Holt resident Lauren Navarro, mother of two, said she loves seeing all the local products and food growers.

“Supporting the local economy is important to me and the farmers’ market allows me to do so. The squash prepares into a lovely soup that my children love. Plus, the farmers are so friendly even my children love talking to them,” Navarro said.

Her 10-year-old, Carmen, enjoys looking at fruits and vegetables with her mother.

“Coming on Saturdays is fun because the farmers are so nice, and they sometimes give me free samples,” Carmen Navarro said.

Tammy’s Bakery owner, Tammy Hart, said the market is a great platform for farmers and bakers.

“The farmers’ market is great to showcase your product. As a baker, we go to many farmers’ market and this one always tends to be my favorite. The residents are great, the children are jolly, and everyone enjoys our baked goods,”

-Tammy Hart

Tammy’s Bakery is located in Perry, Mich, about 32.5 miles from Holt.

“The commute can go either way because of traffic. But coming to such a terrific event makes all the driving worth it. I am already looking forward to the drive next week,” Hart said.

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