East Lansing City Council candidate Susan Woods

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Lindsay Benson

Entirely East Lansing staff writer

 “I was walking the dog, and I said ‘Susan Woods delivers the goods’, so I just came up with that slogan. It’s cute, isn’t it?” said Susan W. Woods, a candidate running for a four-year term in East Lansing City Council.

 Woods created the East Lansing Film Festival and Children’s Film Festival in 1997. She has also worked with the jazz festival and symphony.

 Woods is originally comes to us from San Francisco, as a fourth generation Californian.  She moved to East Lansing 23 years ago from Vienna with her Austrian husband, when he was offered a job at Michigan State University.

 “We have stayed on just because I was able to create the East Lansing Film Festival and Children’s Film Festival, which was a dream of mine,” said Woods.

 Previous to her work in East Lansing, Woods ran the San Francisco International Film Festival, and the Women in Film Film Festival.

 Woods has also created the East Lansing Film Society, which shows first run films that never got here. “We don’t have an art house theatre here, so I created it to replace that,” said Woods.

 Since its creation, the Film Society partnered with Studio C to show them in a major cinema. It become so popular, that they implemented the program in Grand Rapids as well.

 Woods sincerely wants to give great meaning to East Lansing’s “City of the Arts” title.

 “We are known as the city of the arts. We have a lot in our town. We have the Broad museum, which is now regarded as an architectural gem, and also one of the four runners of contemporary art. We have the Wharton Center, that brings in broadway and other types of arts that is the major one in all of Mid-Michigan. We have a music scene, we have the East Lansing Film Festival, we have the art festival, we have the folk festival, but I think we need to combine these energies and create even more,” said Woods.

 In 2011, Woods “received the Crystal award for service to community, so becoming city council member I feel this is just the next step in working in the community.”

 In addition to the arts culture in East Lansing, Woods is excited for an opportunity to, “to be a part of shaping the park district.”

Elections for East Lansing City Council are held Tuesday, Nov. 5. Visit http://www.cityofeastlansing.com/elections/ for more information on voting.

Candidate Susan Woods

Candidate Susan Woods

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