Fireworks expected at Thanksgiving

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By Erin Ehlke
Mason Times staff writer

Fourth of July won’t be the only holiday with fireworks. Sandra Dargatz went before the city council to request a fireworks display permit for the Thanksgiving parade on Friday Nov. 29.

Dargatz explained that the fireworks would add to the parade and begin around 8:45 p.m.- 9 p.m.

This is the first year that there would be fireworks with the parade. Dargatz is trying to make it more of a daylong thing rather than just a parade.

“We’re not competing with the parade, we’re just trying to make it a day event. There’s going to be lighted hayrides, a craft show, letters to Santa and food.”

Proceeds will go to the Salvation Army.

Councilmember Jon Droscha was concerned about traffic and was curious if Dargatz had contacted the police department to assist.

Dargatz assured Droscha that she would figure out traffic control but she wanted to get the permit before she contacted people.

John Sabbadin, a volunteer firefighter, is helping with the pyrotechnics.

“They wanted a professional to shoot the show, so they got me.”

The fireworks show is scheduled to be about seven minutes long. Mayor Leon Clark was curious about the size of the shells and if they should upgrade.

Sabbadin explained that it might not be the best idea because of the budget.

“A four-inch shell costs about $10, while if we upgrade to a 10-inch shell those go for about $40 each and if we do that we would have to cut the show in half.”

Clark replied that sometimes bigger is better.

The motion passed 6-0.

Sabbadin was pleased about the outcome and couldn’t wait to get started on the project.

“We’re taking baby steps. You have to build it and test out all of the kinks.”

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