How are we paying for that?

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By Justin Polk
Meridian Times staff writer

Part of a government’s responsibility is to ensure that citizens can get from point A to point B. Meridian Township is no different. During 2013, Meridian Township is going to spend just over $1.5 million on projects throughout the township. So far, eight of the 10 projects have not been completed. In a report by Meridian Township Director of Public Works and Engineering, Raymond Severy, not all projects are funded the same. Gretchen Gomolka, Meridian townships finance director, explains why.

“General fund monies used in construction or road improvements,“are not traceable directly to tax revenue as there are multiple revenue sources in the general fund.” Said Gomolka.

Audit Report

However, Gomolka did say that a local millage for road improvements generates just under $400,000.

“We do give $125,000 from the general fund toward local road improvements.” Gomolka explained.

Severy mentioned that taxpayers are not the only source of income nor is the general fund. In the report there have been grants, donations assessments as well as user fees that have covered the costs. Even with all that, there is a millage that cannot be used for road repairs.

“We also have a Pathway millage,” said Gomolka. “which generates just over $400,000 annually.”

Gomolka explained that this millage goes to construction and maintenance of pedestrian pathways. This year, the millage funded three projects different projects independently.

As of now, Meridian has two projects planned for the next calendar year. The first is a pedestrian bridge over the Red Cedar River on the west side of Okemos Road. This project will cost $500,000 which is going to be funded by the Pathway millage. The second project is a water main replacement on Shaw Street between Haslett Road and Lake Drive. According to the report, this will be funded by user fees as part of the Water Fund.

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