Mason High School misses state target on school performance

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By Abbie Newton
Mason Times staff writer

The Michigan Department of Education reported that Mason High School did not meet 50 percent of the state requirements, said the director of curriculum for Mason public schools.

Executive Director of Curriculum Chris Kamenski told the Mason School Board on Sept. 9 that the new Accountability Scorecard graded each school in the state.

It graded each on student participation and proficiency on state exams, graduation rates, attendance rates, teaching, and school improvement.

Kamenski said the Accountability Scorecard uses a color system to grade school performance.

“The overall status color is determined using a point-based system from the number of target areas the school district has met and the school ranking,” Kamenski stated.

A green means at least 85 percent of the possible points were earned, and a red indicates that fewer than 50 percent of the possible points were earned. Lime, yellow, and orange are also included in the scale.

Although Mason High School received 76 percent of the points possible on its scorecard, the school received a red status because it had red markings in more than two subgroups, Kamenski said.

Mason Public Schools Superintendent Mark Dillingham said 95 percent of students must complete the proficiency exams for the school to have a mark above red. There was not 95 percent participation in mathematics, social studies, science or writing.

Secretary Laura Fenger said passing the proficiency exams is a graduation requirement at Mason High School. However, she said Mason schools should continue to explore ways to ensure that students are taking these assessments.

Dillingham said students need to realize how they score on the exam is not only a reflection on them, but also a reflection on the school and school district.

“Students need to go into class ready to put their best foot forward. They need to remember that they are Mason Bulldogs, and our school is being judged among other schools.” -Mason Public Schools Superintendent Mark Dillingham

In addition, Kamenski and Dillingham said the school district would continue to look for ways to improve curriculum.

“We need to look at where we are successful and build upon that,” Dillingham stated.

Overall, Kamenski said Mason Public Schools earned a yellow grade. He also reported that Alaiedon Elementary School, North Aurelius Elementary School, Steele Elementary School, and Mason Middle School all earned a yellow grades.

Here are the complete Accountability Scorecards for all Michigan schools.

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