Lansing School District passes recommendations on real estate cost efficiency

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Representatives from real estate consultants Jones Lang LaSalle presented their report to the Lansing School District Thursday on how the district could save money on its building and utility costs.



“This meeting was for the (company’s) representatives to present an initial analysis of our buildings,” said School District President Guillermo Lopez. “This is so we can utilize our real estate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

The school district has never had a plan that was made specifically for long-term improvements. Most of the plans put into act in the past were only one or two year fixes that covered such things as replacing light bulbs with ones that were more energy efficient

… Now…

The initial analysis presented on Thursday not only covered energy efficiency but also spending cuts and building management and security, while keeping the educational goals of the school district intact.

“Our approach is to take a holistic or robust approach to the real estate for this school district,” said Jennifer Hill, managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle. “That incorporates a lot of different elements. Cost savings are important, but it’s not the sole focus.”

… And after


The initial analysis is the first step of a three-step process. Without identifying any specific, immediate remedies to the school district’s concerns, the analysis  provides the skeleton of a plan to come, one that is intended to(can’t use hopefully that way) create a more effective money-managing school board.

“Some of our board members are anxious to hear those recommendations,” said Lopez. “Because we need to move. But on the other hand we need to have a plan that is viable and that the community will buy and that will help us accomplish this”

The school district passed the recommendations unanimously.

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