East Lansing High School prepares for homecoming

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The homecoming parade route

The homecoming parade route

By Erin Hampton
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

On Friday, Oct. 4., East Lansing High School will have their homecoming game against Everett High School from Lansing, Mich. The Trojans will start their celebration with a parade that goes from the high school and heads south on M.A.C. Avenue, then east on Albert Street, then north on Bailey Street and finally west onto Burcham Drive.

Immediately following the parade is the homecoming game starting at 7 p.m.

Kathy Kowalski, head coordinator for the homecoming festivities and adviser of student congress, said that East Lansing High School’s homecoming has always been unique.

Outside ELHS football field.

Outside the ELHS football field.

ELHS football players going to practice after school

ELHS football players going to practice after school

One major difference is that the school does not elect a homecoming king or queen and for Kowalski, the most unique aspect of an East Lansing High School homecoming is that the money raised for the event by the student congress is given away to a charity each year.

“I think that makes us different from any other homecoming,” Kowalski said. The money is given away to the chosen charity in the form of a check during halftime at the homecoming game. Kowalski said that on average, the donation can be about $1,500.

East Lansing High School varsity football running back Faymous Tyra said that the team sees Everett as a big competitor and that the team has been preparing for the competition.

“This homecoming game is a very, very, very important to us,” Tyra said. “We have been going over Everett’s strategies and going over footage from last year to correct all of our mistakes.”

Tyra also said the team has been working very hard and that his classmates would be so proud to see them win. “They will be very disappointed if we lose. All the hard work we put in would go to waste,” Tyra said.

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