Delhi Township hosts annual fire department open house

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photoBy Anthony Serafino
Holt Journal staff writer

On Oct. 9, Delhi Township hosted its annual fire department open house to all residents of Holt and neighboring towns. The firefighters opened their doors for residents to see fire equipment, Sparky the fire dog, demonstrations, and presentations on fire safety. Brian Ball said it is a great idea that the community can see what the department brings on daily basis.

Ball, assistant chief of the fire department, also said that the residents love coming out to the station because it is a great way for the department to connect with the community.

“We have done an open house for multiple years now, and I could not even tell you the last year we did not do something like this. We do this for the community and give them the opportunity to see what we are about,” Ball said. The open house was from 6-8 p.m. for all ages.

“We do tend to see more children here, but it is always great to see adults and even college students come and take part in demonstrations,” Ball said.

Eighth-year firefighter Matthew Price said he shares the same passion for the program.

“I’m a firefighter because I love serving and protecting the residents. It is nights like these that give you a lot of satisfaction for your profession. And on top of it all, you get to put a smile on all these kids’ faces. You can’t beat that,” Price said.

Price said the most popular demonstration of the night was teaching kids how to use the fire hose.

“Out of all the demonstrations we had, I would say the kids really enjoyed spraying the fire hose. It was very satisfying to see how a couple demonstrations could make a kid’s night,” Price said.

Delhi fire cadet Alex Speck said that this was one of his favorite nights as a member of the department.

“The open house is an awesome way we give back to residents. It’s obvious to know what we do but it’s the little things that everyone loves such as seeing sparky the fire dog taking pictures with children and even adults,” Speck said.

Another way young adults can get involved is being a part of the Delhi Fire Explorer Post 22, which gives the opportunity to learn about and try a career as a firefighter or EMT.

The program is open to guys and girls between ages 14 to 21.

“It is a great program to educate young adults about medical and public safety careers. We only meet twice a month for two and a half hours so it is very flexible. Plus young adults really enjoy the program,” Speck said.

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