Chandler Crossings: Where Do You Live?

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For students who live in Chandler Crossings, the answer isn’t simple.  If you live on one side of the street, you are an East Lansing resident. Live on the other side, and you reside in Clinton County.

I found out that I am a Clinton County resident when a small fire broke out in my kitchen of my apartment at The Club at Chandler Crossings. I asked my neighbor to call the East Lansing Fire Department for me. But when she did, the operator told her to call 911 in Bath Twp. instead.

0“But we live in East Lansing,” said my neighbor Destini Williams.  “No, you don’t,” said the operator. That’s when we found out that we actually live in Bath Twp.

“It all depends on which side of Abbot Road you live on,” said Arielle Thompson, an employee of the leasing offices at Chandler Crossings. “The Club and The Village apartment complexes, which are west of Abbot Road, are a part of Clinton County. The Landings apartments east of Abbot Road are a part of East Lansing.”

Adding to the confusion, Abbot Road is spelled with one “t,” but many businesses on the thoroughfare use Abbott Road instead. Nearby Coleman Road is often called East Coleman Road, but using that as your address risks having your GPS navigate you somewhere else.

According to Thompson, the Bath Township police and fire departments respond to emergencies in Chandler Crossings because these departments are fairly close. It is also likely that the majority of the emergencies occur in Chandler Crossings, because Bath Township’s population is only just over 2,000.

The East Lansing and Clinton County police and fire departments are responsible for a larger area, so Bath Township helps out when it can. To ensure that the students who live in Chandler Crossings are able to contact the Bath Township authorities in case of an emergency, fire and police department numbers are provided when students move in.

“Usually if you call 911, the appropriate department will be sent out,” said Miguel Martinez, also an employee at Chandler Crossings. “Fire alarms automatically alert the Bath Twp. Fire Department.”

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