Waving Goodbye to Waverly Hills

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Lansing’s Waverly Hills Golf Course is on its last leg of existence.

Once valued for its summertime appeal, the 120-acre land may be nothing more than a sledding hill by next winter.

Lansing City Council members recently voted 6-1 to put the sale of the golf course up for public vote in August.


City officials are considering reserving part of the Waverly golf course for a sledding hill as they prepare for an August vote on selling it.

The land hasn’t been appraised yet, said Brian Jeffries, the president of the Committee on Development and Planning. “That is the first step for us.”

Although a quick sell would bring in money for the city, Jeffries noted that there are some zoning restrictions.

Although the golf course and park property belongs to Lansing, the land is zoned strictly for residential use, he said. Any developer looking to place commercial businesses on the property would first have to go through re-zoning the property in Lansing Township where it is located.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero had his executive assistant Randy Hannan at the meeting on his behalf to discuss options for selling the land. Hannan, along with Jeffries and other council members supported the idea of putting the property up for sale, without the intention of selling it. “We wouldn’t be obligated to accept any offers,” said Hannan, “but it may be beneficial to test the waters.”

Councilmember Carol Wood has voted against the proposal to sell each of the four times it has been proposed. She remains the only councilmember to oppose the proposal.

The northwest side of Lansing, represented by councilmember Jessica Yorko, recently marketed a firehouse.

Selling the property offers a quick cash incentive for the city, Yorko said.  But unless some sort of tax is put on the property, the city will not gain profit on the property.

In the meeting on Monday, councilmembers thoroughly discussed the option of sectioning off a sledding hill in the Michigan Avenue property. “Keeping free parks is very important,” said Councilmember Kathie Dunbar.

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