Man arrested in vehicle break-ins at apartments

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Bath Township police answered several calls regarding multiple vehicle break-ins at the Village at Chandler Crossing apartment complex on Chandler Road on Sunday, April 7.


The Village at Chandler Crossings (image by

Police officer Kip Harmon responded to a call at 7:45 a.m. from an individual reporting a vehicle break-in in the parking lot of the complex. Harmon said he spotted the culprit, who had broken into three other cars in the lot, and arrested him.

Harmon said that the suspect was very resistant to the arrest, and tried to run from him.  “We got into a foot pursuit,” Harmon said.  “Once I caught him, I found a stolen cell phone and iPod in his pockets.”

Harmon said that he was impressed with how quickly the residents called to report the break-ins.

The suspect was taken to jail, and was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on Thursday, April 11.  If convicted, the suspect will face up to 10 years in jail.  Harmon said that vehicle larceny typically receives a four year sentence, and police resistance receives one to three years.

Miranda Roy, a resident of the complex, said that she thinks the security at the Village could be better.

“The security is lacking because our doors to the building are never locked,” she said.  “Security could definitely be improved, like locking the doors to the building, and actually making use of our key fobs to gain access.”

The distance from MSU's campus to the Village at Chandler Crossings.

The distance from MSU’s campus to the Village at Chandler Crossings.

Roy, a sophomore at Michigan State University, said that she believes that a lot of the incidents that take place at the complex deal with residents that don’t attend MSU.

“I think most of the crime comes from students that don’t actually attend MSU,” she said.  Roy also said that the parties that take place in people’s apartments can be a cause of the crime and trouble as well.

“I think a lot of the violence and trouble comes from parties that security lets get way too out of control,” she said.  “I’ve seen multiple fights outside of my building as a result of parties that are way out of hand.”

Harmon said vehicle break-ins, as well as other crimes, are not uncommon in the apartment complex.

“They have a lot of trouble in the apartments,” he said. “Our night shift is always there.”  Harmon said that the apartments are mostly occupied by college students, so the number of crimes that happen there typically doesn’t surprise him.

Police advise that residents lock their apartment doors and set their car alarms to prevent home and vehicle larcenies.

To report an incident or make inquiries, contact the Bath Township Police Department at 517-641-6271.

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